The Bearfields Guarantee

"We're all about Quality Service and Extreme Taste"

Hello, I'm Steve Bearfield, Managing Director of Bearfields of London, my life and passion. I will now speak about the Bearfields Guarantee and explain why it means so much to me and the team.

In a few short words, the one thing that matters to me, is you the customer. Whether you purchase one product a year or thousands of products a year, you get the great experience that we thrive off. We do everything in our power to produce the finest Traditional Hams and Gammon whilst taking time on testing new flavours, textures and different recipes so we can always deliver the perfect product. We always give our traditional hams time to cure properly and always use traditional recipes so you can be sure our products are full of flavour.

Over my time of running Bearfields our customers have had some very kind things to say about our products and services; a few can be seen on our Facebook page by clicking here.

I hope this has given you an idea of how serious we are about commitment to providing you with a great product and service. Our customer service team can be reached by calling 0208 556 9765 and dialing 0. You can complete your order with full confidence that we will be doing everything we can to provide you with one of our fantastic products.

Steve Bearfield
Managing Director